Bars, cars, and AirPods across the country have been filled with so many melodies from pop sensation Lizzo. The Detroit-born artist took center stage in the cultural zeitgeist in 2019 because of her incredibly catchy songs like “Truth Hurts.” There’s no denying this woman has some bops—she’d racked up a whopping eight Grammy nominations after all—but her artistry and flute skills aren’t the only reasons she has become a sensation. In truth, Lizzo is the walking embodiment of self-love; whether it’s a lyric she’s spitting or a red carpet she’s slaying, she’s reminded us all that we’re all 100% that bitch. So in honor of us all feelin’ good as hell, we’ve rounded up her 17 best looks of all time (along with shopped them out, in case you’re feeling good too).

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