A new pair of jeans or heels is nice, but nothing puts quite the same pep in our step as a brand new perfume. From the ritaul of that very first spritz, to the boost in confidence, to the influx of comments and compliments…nothing can beat it. That said, and as we all know, actually finding a perfume that you love unconditionally can be harder than finding a needle in a haystack. There are plenty of classics that are hard to go wrong with, but we also love smelling fresh and *not* like every other person in the bar or subway. And, that’s where new, yet-to-be-discovered-and-become-mainstream perfumes come in. 

Even though new perfumes launch practically every day, not all of them are created equally, and not all of them are worth your hard-earned dollars. Below, we’re breaking down the new perfumes that have our noses’ discerning seal of approval, plus a few other oldie-but-goodies that we just couldn’t stop ourselves from including. Keep scrolling! The best new perfumes we think you’ll go nuts for are just below. 

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