Let me clarify something: when I say “suddenly” what I really mean is that I’ve been watching this sneaker trend bubble up for a while now and it’s finally reached a point where it feels like everyone is wearing them. Well, not literally every single person, but enough that it feels quite relevant. You know what I mean.

So with that, the sneakers that seem to be having a moment in vogue right now are none other than Nike’s Air Jordan 1. Just like the many of the popular sneakers of the moment (we’re looking at you, Reebok and New Balance), these iconic high-top kicks are far from new—in fact, their history goes back to 1985 and, of course, their namesake Michael Jordan. (I highly recommend watching Jordan’s docuseries The Last Dance on Netflix for the full backstory).

So why are they popular again now? Their flat-soled, high-top shape lend a retro appeal that feels especially cool right now, but more importantly, the brand has been releasing updated Air Jordan 1’s in fresh new color options—and fashion girls have been all over them. We’ve cataloged the best ways to style Air Jordans and shopped out each looks below.

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