In a moment that begs the question is Mike Pence trying to get subpoenaed? The former vice president claimed that no president lies as much as Biden.


Pence was asked by Larry Kudlow if he has seen a president refuse to accept blame and commit as many falsehoods as Biden, and he answered, “Never in my lifetime. As I said today, there has never been a time in my life where a president was so disconnected from the American people.”

The 1/6 Committee is considering subpoenaing Mike Pence, and Pence’s willingness to tell such absurd lies and cover for Donald Trump should make the committee question why the former vice president is still protecting the man who tried to get him killed on 1/6.

Trump’s lies were so rampant and persistent that an entire cottage industry of fact-checking sprung up in journalism with the sole purpose of debunking his false statements around the clock. The fact-checkers have seen their workload plunge under Joe Biden.

There has never been a more out-of-touch pathological liar in the White House than Trump.

Pence is covering for Trump because he thinks that he could still be president someday. Mike Pence’s career is over. Trump supporters think that he is the anti-Christ, but Pence is lying for Trump because he sold his soul for what he thought would be his path to the Oval Office.

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