Small-school tackle likely to make a move inside to guard. Rupcich showed improvement during his week of work at the NFLPA Collegiate Bowl, but the step up in competition was clearly a challenge. He lacks body control and lateral quickness as a run blocker and needs to get much stronger to find a functional anchor versus NFL rushers. He has size and is likely to keep improving, but may not find a long enough runway to get much of an NFL shot.


Possesses NFL size and physicality.

Improved throughout the week at NFLPA Collegiate Bowl practices.

Plays with effort to strain and sustain as base blocker.

Hands sit in ready position in pass pro.

Choppy pass set with feet near the ground.

Looks for work when uncovered.

Maintains base width through engagement.


Very small hands for an offensive lineman.

Needs to fire hands quicker and harder.

Drops foot back and leans into punch to brace.

Unable to sink a firm anchor versus bull rushers inside.

Too slow getting lateral as zone blocker.

Below-average bend to engage with leverage.

Lacks body control to stay connected to his work.


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