Robinson: “He was the best player on the board, and excited to add him to the team. … Good arm, athletic, moves around well. Got a really good skillset. Throws a good ball. He is tough to tackle. He has a lot of work to do, obviously, like all the rookies do, but excited to add him to the team and compete. … Well, you are learning a new offense. You are coming in. All these guys, whatever position they play, they’re learning new terminology, they’re learning new things, so how quickly he gets acclimated to that will probably determine how quickly he progresses. … When we get to the third round, it was the best player on our board, like we said. We felt the value was there to add a player at that position. … I think his role will be determined by how quickly he comes in here and learns the offense and improves and gains the respect of his teammates. No different than any other player. They’re going to earn opportunities, but, again, he is a player that was just kind of staring at us there. We were excited that when we were able to get up and get him and not get jumped, if somebody was coming up. … He came across good. He was well-spoken. He was engaging. Easy to talk to. I just got off the phone with him a while ago. He is deeply rooted in his faith. His family got together and prayed and thanked the Lord for the opportunity to come here, which I thought that was pretty cool, so he was good with us. … I think it’s the teammates and how they respond to that player. You saw guys rally and playing hard when he had the ball in his hands, trying to block guys to free them up, and excited when he would make a big throw. He knows he has to come in here and earn the respect of new teammates, and that was one at the top of his to-do list when I spoke to him. … I don’t know. I can’t predict the future, but I know right now we’re excited to get him and these other guys that we drafted, the guys that we’re going to pick up tomorrow and sign in the post draft and let them come in here for rookie camp and compete, and transition them over with the vets, get them to know their teammates. I hope they all grow and improve and develop into contributors here for the team.”

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