Get ready to spend your summer in a hot new destination, Bravoholics.

On March 30, Bravo released the first trailer for the Summer House spinoff Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard featuring an all-Black cast of 12 friends ready to let loose in the iconic Massachusetts vacation hot spot.

As co-star Jasmine Ellis Cooper declares in the preview, “If you don’t know, Black excellence is Martha’s Vineyard and Martha’s Vineyard is Black excellence.”

Another castmember states “this is what the ancestors wanted” as the group of young professionals parties, dances, goes skinny-dipping and enjoys plenty of drinks.

“I want to dance, I want to twerk, I want to drop it like it’s hot,” Jordan Emanuel says in the sneak peek. “I want to twerk, I want to have a drink, order a shot—rinse repeat.”

But it’s not all fun and flirty hookups this summer. It seems there might be trouble in paradise for newlyweds Jasmine and Silas Cooper, as one castmate asks him, “Do you think you’re too controlling?”

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