According to Steve Schmidt, the Russians had infiltrated John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Schmidt tweeted:

Schmidt says that one of John McCain’s greatest failings was that he turned a blind eye toward the corruption of his campaign aides.

Schmidt knows a lot more than what wrote in the Twitter threads, but the important takeaway is that the Russians have been infiltrating the Republican Party at the highest levels for at least 15 years.

Trump’s nomination and election to the presidency appear to have been part of a long operation by the Russians.

John McCain, the war hero, had Russian influence in his presidential campaign right under his nose.

Even after Sen. McCain’s death, the McCain Institute has Putin’s people on its board.

What started out as a rebuttal by Schmidt to the latest attack on his character from Meghan McCain turned into Steve Schmidt getting a lot of things off of this chest that he has been carrying around for years.

There are a lot of dirty secrets surrounding the John McCain presidential campaign in 2008, and one of the biggest secrets that Schmidt is exposing is the fact that the Republican Party appears to have been under Russian influence at very high levels since at least 2008.

America needs to pay attention to what Steve Schmidt is saying because the truth is coming out about the GOP.


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