It is not surprising that Nevada Republican Party chairman Michael McDonald is being investigated by the Department of Justice. Anyone who has lived in Las Vegas since 1999 knows that he has a history of sleazy shenanigans. What should be surprising is he was reelected to his position.

At one time, McDonald was a courageous and decorated police officer. He parlayed experience into winning a seat on the Las Vegas City Council and served in those two capacities simultaneously. His future looked bright until power trips and deals in the shadows became far more alluring to him.

McDonald’s career is a checkerboard of questionable character, situational morals, shrinking integrity and poor judgment. Some of his more notable career moments include ethics violations as a city councilman, a civil legal dispute with a Las Vegas-based nonprofit organization, and the fake electors imbroglio in support of the “big lie” prompting the FBI to come a calling recently.

State Republicans, be advised: The Trump crazy train is off the tracks. Time to grow up and become a party of conservative values, not conspiracy gibberish fueled by your chairman. Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman, who served with McDonald, referred to him once as a “sleazeball” and further opined that “there is no place for him in public government.”

And we all know that Goodman knows a thing or two about sleazeballs.

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