One scroll through Instagram’s Explore page, and it becomes abundantly clear that in 2022, everyone is a photographer. Or everyone can be, at least, thanks to smartphones. With every new model and upgrade, Apple continues to take the iPhone’s camera function to new heights. The latest drop—the 13 Pro lineup—features the most cutting-edge, high-powered cameras to date, including a macro photography function.

To prove how accessible it’s become to take professional quality photos, Apple recently hosted a global contest in which users were invited to share their best macro photo #shotoniPhone.

“For years, the technique of macro photography was really just reserved for professional photographers, having to have a second lens [or] some extra equipment,” Kaiann Drance, Apple’s vice president of worldwide iPhone product marketing, tells “But now this powerful type of photography is available on the iPhone that you have with you all the time.”

Drance and a global panel of judges reviewed tens of thousands of entries from casual users and pro photographers alike. Today, they reveal the winning snapshots.

“Every day, people are using iPhones to capture the important, significant moments in their lives, and we’re continually amazed by the photographs that they’re creating across skill levels and generations,” Drance adds. “These 10 winning photographs really demonstrate how these small details are captured in such an epic way. It’s a great reminder for all of us to slow down and to enjoy the beauty all around us.”

Here, see the 10 winning photos from Apple’s third annual Shot on iPhone Challenge.

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