Loverboy has Kyle Cooke Loverbroke.

The Summer House star admitted as much during the April 18 episode, telling his roommates, “I’m in a lawsuit. I’ve spent $200,000 on legal fees this month. I’m $4 million in debt with the loan for my business. Everything is on the line.”

And when the Loverboy beverage-brand owner says “everything,” he means it, because he and Amanda Batula are mere weeks away from their wedding. To make matters worse, their florist just dropped out. Fans were hit with a “To be continued…” before they could get any more details, but thankfully, Bravo Insider dropped a sneak peek of the April 25 episode, which picks up at the disastrous dinner. 

Both Kyle and Amanda are crying—she vents to Paige DeSorbo; he lets Danielle Olivera console him. “There is so much misunderstanding going on right now, I almost want to throw up,” an emotional Kyle says. “Hey, friends! Maybe check in on me! Every day of my f–king [life] for the past three years has been stressful.”

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