Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott haven’t yet announced a new name for their baby boy, originally named Wolf, whom they welcomed in February. But for Easter, Jenner did share a new photo of her son with Scott. She also offered a glimpse of his fashion, including the stylish new Baby Dior outfit he got.

kylie jenner sharing new photo of her son and his easter gift


kylie jenner sharing new photo of her son and his easter gift


Jenner spoke to USA Today in an interview published on April 11 about how she felt rushed initially to pick a name for her son. “We had to quickly sign the birth certificate, and then I knew the second I signed the birth certificate that I was probably gonna change his name,” she revealed. “It just didn’t suit him. We haven’t legally changed his name yet. We’re in the process, so it just wouldn’t feel right to share anything when we don’t have an official name.”

Kim Kardashian opened up on Friday about where Jenner and Scott stand on their son’s new moniker. “There’s one name lingering, but she really wants to make sure,” Kardashian said on Live with Kelly and Ryan. “It’s a really big decision. It’s the hardest thing ever in life is to name a child.”

“I personally—when I had my kids, I didn’t name them until they were born,” Kardashian continued. “You really want to see what they look like. And I always—when I would hear people do that, I would say, ‘How do you not be prepared for that? You have nine months to think about this.’ But no matter what it’s just the hardest decision ever.”

“There’s ten days after the baby’s born that you have to name your child and I feel like they just felt rushed,” Kardashian said.

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