With two such accomplished Circle forces in one household, it begs the question: would Trevor and DeLeesa ever want to compete against each other?

“I think so. We’d like to go up against each other. Honestly, I’d be into us working together,” Trevor revealed. “I think us together would be the most formidable scenario. We’d be unreal together.”

These two are always thinking one step ahead.

When asked who they might like to go head-to-head against in a hypothetical All-Stars version of the show, they had their answers locked and loaded.

“Obviously [season one winner] Joey [Sasso]. Obviously the winners,” DeLeesa said. “I feel like the fan favorites like [season three’s] Kai, [season two’s] Chloe, [season one’s] Sammie, [season two’s] Courtney. Courtney played a hell of a game.”

Trevor adds that he’d like to play against Matt from season three, one of the best catfishes in the history of The Circle.

Regardless of the competition, DeLeesa already knows who would win.

“An All-Stars Circle would be absolutely insane,” she said. “I really think what they should do is put all the winners and maybe the runners-up on a season and have them all go against each other, possibly all as catfish. You’d really see who is the best of the best. I mean, obviously it’s me.”

It’s hard to argue with her track record. 

The first eight episodes of the fourth season of The Circle are available on Netflix now, with episodes 9-12 premiering May 18 before the finale on May 25.

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