Goodbye Dolores, hello Christina.

In the season four Westworld trailer released June 16, Evan Rachel Wood returns as Christina, a brunette with all of Dolores’ physical features, but none of the brutality. 

“This is a story about a girl,” Christina tells Bernard (Jeffrey Wright). “Every single day she wakes up. The more she sees it, but nobody else can. That there’s something wrong with the world—and that it’s her fault.”

The trailer cuts to Tessa Mae Thompson‘s Charlotte Hale, who continues to seek revenge on the human race this season. “Your kind made a sport out of hunting us,” she says. “You controlled our every move and now I’m going to do the same to you.”

So basically, season four is all about whether human beings are worth redemption. For Ed Harris‘ Man in Black, he thinks that humans are made to destroy the world, while Bernard thinks he’s “seen a path” to saving the people who walk this earth.

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