A new poll of the first round of voting in the Alaska House special election was released and it showed Sarah Palin with only 19% of the vote and leading Santa Clause by just 13 points.

Alaska Survey Research tweeted their results:

The top four finishers in round one of the voting go to a ranked-choice runoff, and in each of the models for the ranked-choice voting Palin is eliminated.

The answer to why Palin is eliminated can be found in the approval ratings for each candidate:

A good rule of thumb when it comes to ranked voting is that the candidate with the nearly 60% negative rating does not have a good chance at victory in a ranked voting general election. Palin has the highest negatives of anyone in the primary, and while her name recognition should be more than enough to get her through the primary, her high unfavorable rating makes it unlikely that she can win a general election.

Palin is barely just beating Santa in the primary, and if anyone symbolizes the socialism that Sarah Palin complains about it is a guy who shows up at people’s houses just to give them free stuff.

If Sarah Palin loses the general election, the last dim ember of celebrity that is flickering off in the Wasilla distance will finally go dark.


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