INDIANAPOLIS – Santa made a trip all the way from the North Pole to Indianapolis this weekend for an annual tradition in the heart of downtown.

On Sunday, Santa along with more than 1000 runners came out to White River State Park for the annual Santa Hustle.

The race included a half marathon, 5K, and a special kids dash. And it was not just about the running, it was also about showing off your best holiday attire. There were elves, reindeer, snowmen, and of course Santa himself running during Sunday’s event.

Some of the runners were there just for fun, but others brought a competitive edge. This includes a local mom who ran Sunday’s half marathon while pushing 100 pounds of weight with her two kids in a stroller!

”I used to be a competitive gymnast, and once I retired then I got into running,” said Bianca Yocum. “It’s always about the next challenge for me. Try to make it a little bit harder, do something a little different, and so obviously pushing the kids is going to make it a lot more challenging.

Yocum said it was her first time competing in a half marathon with her two boys, but she loved every second of it.

”I really want them to know they have a strong mom who is willing to work hard and that way they grow to be strong hardworking men as well,” she said.

Proceeds from the Santa Hustle go back to support several local nonprofits. They are the Indiana Parkinson Foundation, TeenWorks, and Friends of Indy Animal Care.

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