San Jose police released on Wednesday morning the names of the three suspects who were arrested in connection with the kidnapping of a three-month-old infant from an apartment.

Jose Roman Portillo, 28, Yesenia Guadalupe Ramirez, 43, and Baldomeo Sandoval, 37, are all San Jose residents, the San Jose Police Department said.

The infant, Brandon Cuellar, was kidnapped on Monday just before 1 p.m. from a San Jose apartment in the 1000 block of Elm Street while his grandmother unloaded groceries from the car. At the time, the boy’s mother was at work; the father was ruled out as a suspect as he’s currently incarcerated.

Calling on the public to help find the child, police released video footage Monday night showing a man entering the apartment and leaving with a baby carrier covered by a white blanket. According to police, Portillo is the man shown in the clip who “unlawfully entered the residence and kidnapped the infant.” Police obtained the video after canvassing the neighborhood and asking neighbors to share surveillance footage.

Ramirez drove the grandmother and the child to run errands and shop for groceries before the kidnapping, police said. Ramirez’s statement allegedly changed throughout the investigation and interview process. 

Police didn’t comment on Sandoval’s involvement beyond saying that he was “an additional suspect in the case and was also detained and interviewed.”

San Jose police located the infant unharmed and healthy on Tuesday, but haven’t commented on where he was found. “The victim was transported to a local hospital and reunited with his family,” police said.

When police first announced the kidnapping on Tuesday morning, they said the child was taken by a stranger. Police are now saying  that the early investigation suggests a connection between the family and the suspects, ABC7 reported.

San Jose police said they would share more information on specific charges later on Wednesday.

Anyone with information about this case or similar incidents involving these suspects can contact Detective Van Brande at 408-277-4166.

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