DragCon2022 is underway in downtown Los Angeles.

And if you’re a fan or friend of drag queens, you’ll probably have a lot of fun at the Los Angeles Convention Center this weekend.

When you talk to the people here you’ll really learn the story behind all this make-up, glitter and gowns…

If you’re going to have fun at dragcon, take tips from the experts.

“It’s all about attitude. It’s not about how you look, it’s how you feel,” said drag queen Polly Filla. 

“It is expensive to look this good,” said drag queen Georgina.

Hundreds of fans and friends of drag packed the Los Angeles Convention Center on Friday for the world’s largest celebration of drag culture.

“This is an event that helps normalize the industry, the work, the craft, the culture, the community,” said drag queen Bible Girl.

Those who love this expressive experience know it’s so much more than the chance to dress up.

“Drag helps people find an outer expression of who they are on the inside,” said Mykey O’Halloran, who works on wigs. 

“I think it’s empowering people to see themselves as their own canvas,” said drag queen Lamorra Lisa. “When you’re surrounded by glitter, wigs, and people jumping around, it’s hard to frown.”

Everything from the crowns to the hair can be found at DragCon2022.

“I think it’s just great to be able to embrace the outfits, the makeup, bringing out an alter ego and getting out of their everyday norm,” O’Halloran said. 

This may not be everyone’s norm, but drag culture is growing and it’s here to stay.

Tickets for DragCon are still available for this event that runs through Sunday.

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