Rudy Giuliani said that he turned down all alcohol on Election Night, and the only thing that he drank was Diet Pepsi.

Giuliani tweeted:

Multiple witnesses testified before the 1/6 Committee that Rudy Giuliani was drunk on Election Night when he told Trump to just declare victory and tell everyone that the election was stolen.

There are reports of Rudy Giuliani having problems with alcohol all over the place.

Michael Wolff wrote in a book that Giuliani was so drunk on election night that aides were worried that he was going to break the White House China. An apparently drunk Rudy Giuliani also implicated himself in the Jeffrey Epstein scandal.

Rudy Giuliani being drunk advising Trump is of critical importance because Trump chose not to listen to any of his sober advisers because followed Giuliani’s advice by he echoed what Trump had already decided to do.

Nobody believes that Rudy Giuliani was sober all night long.

If Giuliani was sober and advising Trump to lie and declare victory and that the election was stolen, it makes the story even worse because it means that Trump and Giuliani soberly and intentionally lied to the American people while concocting the basis for an attempted coup.

At least Giuliani has an excuse if he was drunk, but he seems insulted by the idea that he plotted a coup while not sober.

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