The best hair types for hair rollers: “When using hair rollers, I like to use them on medium to fine hair since it gives the hair a lot of volume and definition without damaging it. If the hair is cut with layers, using hair rollers will also make it even more voluptuous.”

The best way to use hair rollers: “First, I love to give the hair a nice blowout with a metal round brush, and as I finish each section, I will roll the hair still hot and pin it with a duck clip to let it set until completely cool. Usually, I clip the front and top of the hair away from the face, and with the bottom half, I like to roll toward the head. Though, each of these sections can be interchangeable depending on the final look you are trying to achieve.”

How long you should leave them in for: “You should leave them on until completely cooled off. When using rollers on a client who is receiving full glam, I try to get them on the hair as soon as we begin and leave the rollers in for as long as possible to really set the hair. You never want to take them off if the hair is still warm.”

The products to use before and after placing the rollers: “Before the blowout, I like to use the Healthy Sexy Hair Active Recovery Repairing Blow Dry Foam to prep the damp hair. Once the hair is sectioned out and put into the rollers, I give a nice spray of the Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray all over to help set the hair; these products are the perfect products to achieve a great hold to the desired style. Plus, it maintains beautiful movement.”

The roller size to buy depending on your hairstyle: “I’m a big fan of Velcro rollers post-blowout to really give the hair a lot of volume. I find them to be effective and practical when wanting to achieve the best desired look from using hair rollers. If you want to just achieve some volume to the hair, I recommend using large- to medium-sized rollers (depending on the length of the hair). … When using hot tools, the smaller the circumference, the curlier the hair will be. So the larger the hair roller to the smallest, you will receive varying sizes of curls.”

The dos and don’ts of using hair rollers: “Don’t use hair rollers on wet hair. If you have curly or wavy hair, prep the hair first with a nice blowout before setting your hair with rollers. This helps achieve a smooth and well-finished look. Use a nice, light hairspray, like Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray.”

Why hair rollers are having a comeback right now: “I think hair rollers are having their moment again because they are probably the best way to give your roots great volume, and they allow you to style your hair without the potential of damaging your hair as some hot tools can do. I highly recommend them.”

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