Like many people, there are a lot of things I haven’t done since my pre-pandemic days. For example, I haven’t been to a concert, flown on a plane, or even left the state. (I’m dying for a vacation.) But when it comes to my beauty rituals, they’ve pretty much gone back to normal. I get my currently bleach-blonde hair regularly touched up, I’m back to my intricate nail art and gel extensionsI’ve gotten tons of facials, and I’ve even tried new treatments, including Botox and fillers. There’s one thing, however, that I still haven’t done: my brows. 

Back in 2020, Who What Wear senior beauty editor Erin Jahns asked me which beauty treatment I realized I didn’t really need. “It’s not fancy, per se, but not getting my brows done hasn’t bothered me the least, so maybe I’ve gotten used to letting these hairy caterpillars grow,” I told her. Famous last words! Save for a mild pluck here and there, these eyebrows had remained untouched since the “before times.” (Though, I did come close to getting them microbladed but decided I wasn’t ready to take the plunge just yet.) While my unruly brows didn’t bother me too much, I recently decided it was time to finally get these babies taken care of after three years of negligence. So I put my brows in the hands of the experts and paid a visit to the good ol’ folks at Anastasia Beverly Hills.

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