[Madison, WI] – As Wisconsinites file on Tax Day, Democrats like Tony Evers are trying to conceal their record of trying to hike taxes on families who are already crippled by historic inflation.

After proposing a “small” $1.3 billion tax hike in his first budget, last year Tony Evers once again broke his campaign promise to “raise no taxes” when he proposed over $1 billion in tax increases – including on farmers and manufacturers. Evers even tried to raise the gas tax, which would have forced Wisconsinites to pay 42 cents per gallon of gas just in taxes if enacted.

Of course, these tax hikes were intended to pay for liberal wishlist items to appease his far-left base, including government-run health care, school choice enrollment caps, giving in-state tuition and driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, and automatic voter registration. Thankfully, Republicans in the Legislature stopped him and passed an over $3 billion tax cut instead.

“If Tony Evers had his way, Wisconsinites would be paying higher taxes and gas prices to pay for his far-left, divisive priorities,” said Republican Party of Wisconsin Communications Director Anna Kelly. “Wisconsin’s governor needs to put power in the hands of the people – not special interests and big government.”

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