Brookfield, Wisconsin – Today Representative Sara Rodriguez (AD-13) issued the following statement expressing solidarity with nurses participating in the National Nurses March in Washington DC and local events across America.

“I stand in solidarity with all the nurses who marched today, all the nurses who shared their stories, and all the nurses who supported the march from work. Facing unsafe staffing ratios which impact patient care, inadequate compensation, and workplace violence, nurses from across America are standing up to share their stories so that the American public knows what they experience and how those working conditions impact everyone who relies on them. As nurses we want to help people; that’s why we became nurses, but the working conditions experienced by many nurses across Wisconsin and America interfere with our ability to do that.”

“As a former ER nurse, I can still remember the panic in the pit of my stomach when one more patient was wheeled in, and I didn’t think I could stretch myself far enough to give my patients the care that they needed and deserved. I managed with support from my fellow nurses, but we can only stretch ourselves so far.”

“I know that to many nurses this story isn’t remarkable, because it is a common one, but that it is common should be of enormous concern to anyone who ever plans to receive healthcare in America. Listen to the nurses who are marching today.”

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