Madison, WI. Representative William Penterman (R-Columbus) released the following statement in response to Governor Tony Evers vetoing a number of bills that would have strengthened Wisconsin’s workforce.

“I am disappointed that Governor Tony Evers decided to turn his back on businesses in Wisconsin by vetoing a package of bills designed to help people re-enter the workforce, root out Medicaid fraud, and eliminate government barriers to work,” said Penterman.

“Everywhere you look, businesses are desperate to hire new employees. This is the single biggest issue I hear from business owners in my district. It is an issue affecting big businesses, small businesses, and all sectors of the economy. From education, manufacturing, health care, the food industry, to the trucking industry, businesses cannot find enough employees to fill open positions.”

“This session, I introduced bills to transform our Unemployment Assistance Program into a Re-Employment Assistance Program (Assembly Bill 883), prohibit the automatic renewal of Medicaid benefits (Assembly Bill 934), and prohibit individuals from refusing a promotion or additional work hours in order to remain eligible for Medicaid (Assembly Bill 936). Unfortunately, Governor Evers has vetoed them all.”

“So many good paying jobs exist in our communities. There is no reason why dependence on government handouts should be at such high levels in today’s economy. A job is more than just a paycheck. It means a deeper connection to your community, a greater sense of purpose, and the freedom to build the future.”

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