Madison, WI – Representative Rick Gundrum (R-Slinger) has released the following statement after Governor Tony Evers vetoed several education reform bills:

“During this session I worked on legislation with my colleagues that would put parents and students first when it comes to Wisconsin’s education system. Unfortunately, Governor Evers doesn’t seem interested in prioritizing those who are the most concerned about the direction of Wisconsin’s schools and universities.

“I authored Assembly Bill 963 with Senator Alberta Darling to create a Parents’ Bill of Rights. This legislation was created after hearing the concerns of many parents who have said their voices are not being heard in their respective school districts. The bill included the right to review learning materials used in the classroom, the right to be notified of violent incidents at the school, and the right to be informed of surveys given to their students. In vetoing this legislation, Governor Evers doesn’t seem to care that parents are not being informed or are being misled about what is happening in the classrooms.

“Governor Evers has also vetoed bills that would address political indoctrination at our institutions of higher learning, advance overdue changes in Milwaukee’s failing schools, and expand school choice. For being the so-called ‘education governor’ he seems to care very little about improving education.”

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