Is It Time To Rethink Your DEI Training Strategy?

The ultimate goal is for everyone to live and work in harmony. Unfortunately, there are still hidden biases that plague the modern workplace. Traditional DEI training programs no longer suffice when it comes to bringing people together and building a solid company culture. This eBook can help you revolutionize your DEI strategy and make everyone feel like they’re part of the team by following best practices and leveraging a learning and performance ecosystem-based approach.

eBook Release: Reimagining DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace

eBook Release

Reimagining DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace

Create an equitable and inclusive workforce even in the hybrid workplace.

Why DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace Should Be A Top Priority

Some employees may not even be aware of certain assumptions or beliefs that negatively impact their social interactions, particularly in the workplace. For this reason, every organization should have a DEI training strategy in place to improve teamwork, retain top performers, and achieve shared objectives. In some cases, employees may feel emotionally removed from the team because they’re geographically dispersed. DEI training helps to build stronger professional relationships and ensure that everyone feels safe and secure in the workplace (even if it’s remote). It’s not just a compliance box that must be checked every year.

About This eBook

So, how do you rethink your current strategy and meet diversity, equity, and inclusion mandates? Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find in this guide:

  • What Are the Challenges of Traditional DEI Training Programs? – This section outlines the two key challenges organizations face while delivering DEI training.
  • Why Must You Reimagine Your DEI Training Programs Now? – Explore why there is a need to re-evaluate DEI training and review the top outcomes of DEI training strategies.
  • How Do You Leverage a Learning and Performance Ecosystem-based Approach for DEI Training? – Showcases how you can leverage a learning and performance ecosystem-based approach for DEI Training.
  • What Strategies Should You Adopt for Delivering Effective DEI Training Programs? – Highlights immersive learning strategies you can implement to reinforce learning in your DEI training programs.
  • Why Does Psychological Safety Matter in the Workplace Now, and How Does It Improve DEI? – Outlines strategies that will help you create psychological safety in the workplace and also, in turn, enhance your diversity, equity, and inclusion mandate.


Download the eBook Reimagining DEI Training For The Hybrid Workplace to discover new strategies and explore why every organization needs to put its DEI training initiatives under the microscope.

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