Both Romann and Emma agree that discovering unique and unexpected pairings ultimately adds to the overall olfactory experience. Romaan says, “My best tip is to experiment and have fun with fragrance layering. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to go by strict rules. It’s okay if you don’t like the outcome. (You always wash it off or try another day.)” According to this fragrance enthusiast and expert, there are no rules for experimentation when it comes to layering perfumes.

“I like to break boundaries in what we know about scent and experiment with alternative fragrances, oils, and lotions,” Romaan says. “You get to control what you want to smell like. Who wouldn’t want that? I am constantly mixing fragrances and bodycare on the daily, and I am always experimenting.” Her fragrance family of choice is gourmand, while Emma favors the floral and woodsy fragrances.

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