E!: What do you like about shopping at Express?
RZ: I think there’s a comfort in knowing what you’re getting. There’s a real comfort in knowing the quality of a product you’re getting. It’s very consistent. With Express, I think people have been shopping there for so long. There’s a reason that it’s still going so strong when so many brands haven’t survived. They’ve really acclimated to the customers throughout the years and managed to stay modern yet true to the brand.

E!: You worked with Reunited Clothing Executive Creative Director Hilda Batayneh on this line virtually. Tell me about putting the collection together in that way.
RZ: It’s interesting. I was definitely remote for almost the entire process. It was such an such a process because I’m definitely not a hands off kind of person. So, I definitely wanted to be very involved each step of the way. It ended up being pretty amazing. Working with Hilda and the Express team was so smooth. Even the virtual fittings were amazing.

E!: What are three words you would use to describe the collection?
RZ: I would say effortless, classic, and glamorous.

E!: I like that combination because I don’t think people pair “effortless” and “glamorous” together very often.
RZ: That’s really been my mantra for my whole life, trying to make glamour effortless. When many people think of glamour, they picture ball gowns and diamonds and that’s not all it has to be. I think you can make glamour a simple, easy task with tan pants and a pair of flats or even just wearing gold hoop earrings with your outfit. Glamour is a state of mind.

Rachel Zoe’s Express Collection 

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