But her NSFW comments come as no surprise, as Rachel has been vocal about growing up in “a sex-positive and free and candid” household—something she now implements in her adult life.

“I’m 40 years old,” she shared on Yahoo! Life’s The Unwind series in July 2022. “Like, the things that my friends and I talk about shouldn’t be taboo, you know? It should feel like a safe space to be open, because so many people go through similar things. And what’s better than to have a support system, or feel like you’re being heard and having a space to do so?”

And it seems like these days, the Os are going strong, as Rachel revealed on the Call Her Daddy podcast in September 2022 that her current mystery man is “bringing her missionary” sex, after being asked by host Alex Cooper.

Rachel simply stated, “f–k yeah.”

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