Washington, DC — Today, in a radio interview, U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R-WI) called for destroying protections for people with pre-existing conditions by funneling them into high risk pools. The reality is that returning to high risk pools means people with common conditions like asthma or diabetes would face discrimination and have to pay more for completely inadequate coverage. Every time they have been tried, they have failed. This comes after Senator Johnson recently said Republicans need to make a “plan” to repeal the Affordable Care Act if they gain power in 2024.

In response, Protect Our Care Executive Director Brad Woodhouse issued the following statement: 

“Ron Johnson is reminding us just what’s at stake if Republicans take back power in November. They want to return to a time where people with pre-existing conditions can be charged more or denied coverage, they want to raise health care costs for working families who purchase insurance on their own, they want to keep Big Pharma in charge while patients struggle to afford their medications, and they want to throw millions off of their health care coverage. Let’s be clear: if lawmakers like Ron Johnson or Rick Scott get their way, the Affordable Care Act — and its protections for millions of Americans — will be destroyed.”

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