Are you a poet at heart? If so, we would like to see your efforts in The Tennessee Magazine’s monthly poetry contest. Please limit your poem to no more than 100 words. Your work must include a Tennessee theme. Winning poems will be printed in our June issue.

While the theme of your poem must include something Tennessee-related, including the word “Tennessee” is not required.

Age categories:
The competition has six age divisions — 8 and younger, 9–13, 14–18, 19–22, 23–64 and 65 and older. Each group will have first-, second- and third-place winners. First place wins $50 and will be printed in the magazine, second place wins $30 and third place wins $20. Poems capturing first-, second- and third-place honors will be published online at tnmagazine.org.

What to enter:
A poem of 100 words or fewer pertaining to the theme. One entry per person, and please give your entry a title.

Entry must be emailed or postmarked by Monday, April 25.

Please note:
By entering, you give The Tennessee Magazine permission to publish your work via print, online and social media.

Please enter online below or mail handwritten entries to:
Poetry Contest, The Tennessee Magazine, P.O. Box 100912, Nashville, TN 37224. Make sure to print your poem legibly, and be sure to keep a copy of your poem as submissions received via mail will not be returned.

All entries must include the following information, or they will be disqualified: your name, age, mailing address, phone number and the name of your electric cooperative.


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