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As the cold of winter begins to leave Pittsburgh, there is one thing we always look forward to in order to ring in the start of spring – Phipps Conservatory’s Spring Flower Show!

2022’s Spring Flower Show has the theme “Sunshine and Rainbows” and highlights the colors of the rainbow- making this one an incredibly vibrant show!

We visited this one shortly after the show opened and wanted to share some of our favorite rooms and exhibits with you today. As with all of our museum posts, we’re only sharing a selection of our favorites because you truly must visit for yourself to experience it all!

The Victoria Room

Victoria room at Phipps

The Victoria Room is always a favorite of ours at most flower shows as the central water feature often has an inventive and fun display to check out.

While we will say that the water feature in the Spring Flower Show is somewhat simple (we’ll let you see it for yourself), the real treat of this one is actually the flowers that adorn the outer wall. As you make your way through the room, you’ll quickly realize that they are arranged to follow the colors of the rainbow!

So be prepared to look out for the natural color progression here, because it is truly well done with a subtle nod to the show’s theme!

The South Conservatory

South Conservatory

The South Conservatory is another room that really leans into the rainbows element of the show. In the back left corner of the room a cloud is present with a rainbow coming out from it.

The rainbow lands in the garden and is suddenly transformed into colorful flowers that extend the vibrancy throughout the entire room. If you are fans of monster rainbows, this one is sure to please.

The Serpentine Room

Serpentine Room at Phipps

Not every room at Phipps Conservatory is in the rainbow theme. The Serpentine Room gets into the sunshine element of the show and is designed to evoke a feeling of a garden after the rain right when the sun comes out.

This one is a bit more simple in its design but has an elegance in the light pastel colors that can be seen throughout the room. Tasteful and gorgeous!

Tropical Forest Hawaii

Tropical Forest Hawaii

The Tropical Forest feature at Phipps is the largest room in the conservatory and always a joy to walk through due to its sheer size. But, unlike other rooms, this one does not change for the seasonal flower shows.

Instead, this room features a separate theme that generally only changes once every few years. Prior to the Spring Flower Show, the Tropical Forest featured the sights, sounds, and history of Cuba, and now the room has been completely redone to share all things Hawaii!

So while this one is likely to stick around much longer than the Spring Flower Show, because it is new for this show we have to give it a shout out- it is pretty amazing.

Overall, the Spring Flower Show is one of the finest shows at Phipps Conservatory and is one of the highlights of the year in Pittsburgh. Do yourself a favor and get down for the colors of this one before the show ends!

The Spring Flower Show at Phipps Conservatory runs through April 17th, 2022.

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