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Digital marketing is a must these days for eLearning vendors. You need to reach your target audience, and they’re all online. But that makes it even more challenging for smaller online training businesses to improve SEO and promote their brand since the competition is steep and resources are limited. Our eBook shows you how to make the most of an eLearning business directory. Perfecting Your PPC Campaign: The Ultimate Guide To Content Provider Directory Listings has all the insider tips you need to launch a PPC listing. But first, let’s recap some of the marketing pitfalls you should avoid.

eBook Release: Perfecting Your PPC Campaign: The Ultimate Guide To Content Provider Directory Listings

eBook Release

Perfecting Your PPC Campaign: The Ultimate Guide To Content Provider Directory Listings

Learn all the insider tips you need to launch a successful PPC listing.!

Perils Of eLearning Business Marketing (And Tips On What To Avoid)


It’s relatively easy to set a budget. Sticking to it is another matter. Overspending is one of the most common marketing pitfalls because companies overlook hidden fees like maintenance, hosting, etc. They also choose marketing channels with limited customization, for instance, you’re unable to set a spending cap or personalize ad displays. This is in stark contrast to a PPC eLearning company list, which gives you total control of your budget.

Unclear Goals

Companies start with the best intentions. They know they want to increase sales and expand their client base. However, the details are vague. More importantly, they’re impossible to measure. It’s imperative to set clear outcomes and objectives to ensure marketing success. How many new clients must you acquire? How quickly do you expect to see results? What is your goal conversion rate? Be as specific as possible and have evaluation criteria that help you monitor PPC performance.

Quantity Over Quality

Many corporate training companies make the mistake of focusing on bulk clicks. They want to drive traffic to the site, but it shouldn’t come at the cost of quality leads. For example, you use keywords with lower max bids, which gets you more clicks but fewer conversions.
An eLearning niche directory is an exception to this rule. There are over 30,000 visitors and they’re already qualified. Otherwise, they wouldn’t search the online directory to find the best content providers.

Misaligned Marketing

There are two fatal faux pas to avoid here. The first is to cater to a general audience instead of your niche. The second is to skip audience research altogether. You don’t know their buying needs, so how can you draw them in and encourage them to click through? Every marketing element should align with their needs and expectations, from the CTA to target keywords.

False Promises

Some organizations think that getting them in the door is all that matters, that they can win clients over as soon as they see their online portfolio or learn about their USPs. However, building trust starts with the first point of contact, in this case, the PPC eLearning company list. You need to be upfront about what your business provides and how it benefits clients. No exaggerated claims or false promises to get them to click, because they probably won’t come back if there’s no follow-through.

Marketing Tunnel Vision

You’ve put all your marketing eggs in one basket instead of diversifying. An eLearning business directory is a step in the right direction, but you also need to pair it with other promotional tools like PPC, content marketing, and social media engagement. Reach out to your audience on all fronts to maximize exposure. Multiple marketing channels also enhance your credibility. Plus, it keeps you fresh in their minds.

No In-House Analysis

Buyer research is only half the solution. You must also analyze your own products and services to optimize your marketing strategy, for instance, outline your USPs and how they fill a hole in the market. You should also evaluate your current marketing approach to look for gaps. Do you attract the right buyers? Or do you need to focus on different industries to enrich your portfolio? Lastly, what’s the competition doing? How do they promote their solutions and which keywords do they use? A little marketing research goes a long way. You can even join social media groups for more pointers, or visit industry-specific blogs and groups to identify current pain points.


Download Perfecting Your PPC Campaign: The Ultimate Guide To Content Provider Directory Listings today to get more leads and reduce marketing spending. You can also register your company and launch an eLearning vendors PPC listing to get a head start, which includes a personal marketing advisor and account manager as well as a CTA button to drive more traffic to your landing page. Bids start at just a few cents and you can set your own budget. There are even flexible reports that help you track daily performance, CPCs, and conversions.

Visit our eLearning niche directory to scope out the competition and see how a listing can help you build social proof, not to mention improve your SERP rankings so that you stand out from the virtual crowd.

Download the eBook Perfecting Your PPC Campaign: The Ultimate Guide To Content Provider Directory Listings to launch your listing and achieve PPC success.

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