The Arconia is full of secrets, but Cara Delevingne—who plays the mysterious Alice on season two of Only Murders in the Building—has no problem confessing what it was like to work on the beloved Hulu series. 

Cara did exactly that during the June 28 episode of E!’s web series While You Were Streaming, explaining that joining the true-crime comedy was exciting in itself, but to be able to star alongside her BFF Selena Gomez who plays leading lady Mabel—well, that was huge.

“We never get to see each other as much because we’re so busy,” Cara said. “So to be able to spend that much time with her, and also to be able to work with her, she’s just such an incredible person to work with whether I know her or not. She is brilliant, like one of my favorite actors I’ve ever worked with.”

The pair is working quite closely, too. Alice is Mabel’s love interest, and the characters even share a steamy kiss during season two’s second episode. 

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