For the first time, Glossier is launching a curated set with their new brand partner, the one and only Olivia Rodrigo. The Grammy Award-winning singer has been a fan of the Y2K beauty brand for some time now–she’s the one who first showed the world Ultralip, after all–and now she’s getting the chance to be more integrated—and influential—with the brand.

It’s no surprise that Rodrigo’s beauty philosophy aligns closely with Glossier’s. “If I could send a note to the Glossier community, I’d say, you look good exactly as you are,” Rodrigo said of the new partnership in a statement. With Glossier, Rodrigo will lend her perspective to everything from products, content, and campaigns. She already has her own set, called Olivia’s Favorites, which features her favorite Glossier products: Boybrow, Ultralip, and the Pro Tip eyeliner.

Olivia’s Favorites



These products will help anyone achieve Rodrigo’s signature, easy and fresh beauty look. “I always feel the best when I’m in makeup that enhances what I have naturally,” Rodrigo said in a statement. Alongside this set, Rodrigo also blessed us with beautiful campaign images, including a snap of her with a manicure that spells out Glossier’s motto: You look good.



While we don’t know the full form that this partnership will take in the future, it’s sure to be iconic. Fingers crossed, Rodrigo will create some must-have products soon.

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