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If you’ve been thinking about revisiting Infamous Second Son, Sucker Punch Productions’ 2014 PlayStation 4 exclusive, now might be a good time since some rare DLC is suddenly free on the PlayStation Store for the first time. Cole’s Legacy provided some connective tissue between PS3’s Infamous 2 and Infamous Second Son, but was previously only available via pre-order or a special edition of the base game.

The news came today when Sucker Punch tweeted that Cole’s Legacy is “available at no charge in most regions, except those that require a small fee due to local restrictions.” The studio is also pledging to make cosmetic DLC available once again for Fetch, a character who received her own spin-off game with Infamous: First Light.

First debuting on the PlayStation 3, Infamous is a superhero-themed action-adventure series that arguably failed to reach the same levels of fame as other big Sony PlayStation properties. Despite some outdated “morality” mechanics that were often a point of criticism, the games did fairly well with critics and certainly have a fan following who’ll be delighted that some hard-to-access DLC is now easily playable.

The re-release of Cole’s Legacy was originally promised in a blog post from Sucker Punch on July 1 of this year. While its title, “Upcoming Infamous 2 UGC Maintenance And Legacy Franchises,” would likely disappoint folks hoping for a true return to Sly Cooper and Infamous, the studio made clear its commitment to supporting classic games they know their fans keep returning to.

This effort includes maintenance on Infamous 2’s “UGC” servers, with plans to “move them to a new home that will keep them up and running a bit longer.” The studio acknowledges that there’s an inevitable expiration date for these services, but it’s hoping to sustain the servers while there are still active and interested players.

Infamous Second Son was one of my personal favorites on the PlayStation 4 and I wasn’t even aware of this DLC until this announcement. This is definitely a reason to fire up my aging PS4, and it’s a nice change of pace to see a studio pledging support for a game as old as 2011’s Infamous 2.

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