Three new videos posted online captured the sounds of the mass shooting sniper attack on the Fourth of July parade in Highland Park, Illinois Monday morning that killed six and seriously wounded 26. The suspect, a white male aged 18-20 with long black hair and a small build, reportedly fired from a rooftop overlooking the parade and is still at large. A high powered rifle was recovered at the scene by police.

The first video was taken from a room in a building overlooking the parade and appears to have been close to where the shooting took place. The video picks up toward the end of a loud burst of gunfire echoing off the buildings and then captures a full burst from a large capacity magazine being discharged.

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The second video taken further away captures two full bursts:

A third video closer to the shooting captures the bursts and the slow to react attendees.

Police said the shooter was discrete in his rooftop location.

Chicago Tribune photographer Brian Cassella took what will be an iconic photo, “A Lake County police officer walks through chairs and bikes left behind on the Central Avenue parade route sidewalk near the scene of the Highland Park mass shooting.”

Highland Park residents are beings asked to stay indoors during the manhunt. The ATF is reportedly tracing the rifle found at the scene.

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