Editor’s Note: Looking for a weekend getaway that won’t cost a fortune with the high price of gasoline? This series, Tank of Gas Getaway, offers up travel locations that Jackson metro area residents can make on a tank of gas.

If ever a place in Mississippi has perfected the art of melding the old with the new, it is the City of Natchez.

One of the oldest towns in the magnolia state, Natchez has found a way to highlight its antebellum history as the former wealthiest city in America while showing off its modern business structure that brings in tourists for shopping, dining and much more.

A day trip to the city by the river is just 102 miles from the Jackson metro area and promises something for everyone.

Longwood would have been the grandest home in Natchez, Miss., but the Civil War halted construction and the 32,000-square-foot home was never finished. (File photo/Clarion Ledger)

But almost any visit to Natchez begins with its history, as there are enough antebellum homes to visit and keep anyone busy for more than a day at a time.

Monmouth (1818), Rosalie Mansion (1820), The William Johnson House (1840), Melrose (1842), Stanton Hall (1857), Longwood (1860) and many others are available for tours and possibly an overnight stay.

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