My mom has made banana bread so often that she can make it without even referencing a recipe. And I’m sure she’s not alone. The sweet but simple loaf is easily customizable and requires little prep — it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

There’s only one issue: It’s rarely ever as good as it is on the first day you make it. This is where getting creative with leftovers comes in handy. Here’s how I like to hack it.

1. Pair it with cream cheese. The first part of this hack comes from my mom. She almost always serves leftover banana bread slices warm with a generous amount of cream cheese on top. It’s a delicious combination that I think more people should know about. The sweet banana flavor is not compromised and pairs so well with the tanginess of the cream cheese.

2. Air-fry it. I’ve recently decided to take things a step further. Instead of simply covering warmed leftover slices with softened cream cheese, I air-fry the cream cheese-covered slices to allow the edges to crisp up and the cheese to set in the center just a bit.

The task is simple: Spread cream cheese (whipped works well!) on slices of banana bread. Be sure to create a lot of swerves with the butter knife, as this helps with browning. Air-fry the cream cheese-covered banana bread at 375 F for just three minutes. Lastly, drizzle with a small amount of honey for added sweetness.

This method works great with homemade banana bread, although a store-bought version can get the job done too. This is also a way to use your air fryer for more than just savory meals or side dishes (although air fryer French fries are truly exceptional).

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