It was my Mom’s first time trying something on at Aritzia so she wasn’t a fan of the very public mirror situation and I immediately could tell that she did not love the high-waisted look as much as I thought she would. She told me it was because they were just too high-waisted. Although she wanted to leave immediately I asked a sales associate if they had anything that was either mid or low-rise. This is when I was introduced to the Alanya pant. When I convinced my Mom to try them on she was immediately obsessed. 

Her entire review of the pants surprised me because I felt like the low-rise look is more trendy but to her, it was far more comfortable. I’m currently on the same page having traded my high-waisted pants for mid-rise and will continue shopping in this direction. It’s rare that my Mom and I are on the same page when it comes to fashion but that day has arrived. Now, let’s get into the best mid-rise and low-rise pants on the market. I’m currently loving these 29 pairs.

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