TONIGHT: Mostly cloudy skies will be present throughout the night. There could be stray snow showers in the evening hours for western WY, but besides that, most of the area will not see any rain or snow. Winds will calm down to be between 5-15 mph. Low temperatures get down to the 30’s.

TOMORROW: We will have sunshine and partly cloudy skies out for the entire day tomorrow and there should be no chances for any rain or snow across our skies. Winds will be slightly breezy between 10-20 mph. High temperatures will take a massive 15-20 degree increase with high’s reaching the 60’s and 70’s in the valleys and 50’s in the mountains.

LONG TERM: Mountain snow and isolated rain showers will come then on Tuesday before drying back up on Wednesday. We round out the work week with more chances for valley rain and mountain snow for Thursday thru Saturday. It will be very windy with sustained winds between 25-35 mph on Tuesday before slightly calming down to be between 10-20 mph for much of the rest of the week. High’s decrease to the 40’s and 50’s on Tuesday and look to remain that way until Sunday of next weekend when high’s could get back up to the 60’s.

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