Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said that Democrats and the Supreme Court leaker are threatening SCOTUS.

Video of McConnell:

McConnell said:

Sen. Whitehouse and others have filed amicus briefs similarly threatening the court. And now we have within the court itself someone else threatening the Independence of the court. I went to applaud the chief justice for indicating the court is going to investigate.

I want to underscore the separation of powers. This is the Supreme Court’s job to investigate the leak. The chief justice has indicated that’s exactly what he’s going to do, and I hope the leaker, who is extremely likely to be found given the limited number of people who have the ability to access early drafts of opinions, will be dealt with as severely as the law may allow. And certainly, the Supreme Court, as the most prominent law body in the country would know what is the appropriate penalty. 

McConnell has no interest in the fact that this decision will take away rights from 100 million Americans. He is trying to distract the country by focusing on the leaker.

Republicans are upset by the leak because it took away the element of shock and surprise. Pro-choice Americans know what is coming and can take steps to either codify Roe or change the entire trajectory of the midterm election.

Sen. McConnell’s dramatics are a distraction intended to hide that five Supreme Court justices might cost his party the midterm election.

Mitch McConnell stole the Supreme Court’s independence, and now he is trying to blame Democrats for his theft.

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