Our smartest minds may not have cured cancer . . . but they’re having a lot of fun in the lab studying the optimal ways to twist open Oreos. Researchers at MIT have been trying to determine if there’s a way you can twist open an Oreo so that each of the cookie parts have an equal spread of crème, without it all coming off on one side . . . or the crème being split into two half-moon shapes on each wafer.

They called the study “Oreology,” and they used 3D-printed instruments called “Oreometers” that could hold the Oreos, and then apply precise, varying levels of pressure and torque to carefully open them up. After an exhaustive process, the researchers found . . . well, nothing.

There’s no secret trick to opening an Oreo perfectly evenly. It will almost always split with more crème on one side . . . and that side will be more delicious.


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