Now that’s a royal welcome! 

While celebrating the opening ceremony of the Invictus Games on April 16, Meghan Markle gave a special introduction to her “incredible husband” and the founder of the sporting event, Prince Harry. After finishing her speech, Meghan welcomed Harry onto the stage and the couple shared a sweet kiss. 

It’s been a busy day for the royal pair. In addition to speaking at ceremony, Meghan and Harry also attended the Invictus Games’ first event, the Jaguar Land Rover Challenge, and were later spotted being adorably driven around a closed course by two children in silver miniature cars. 

In a video of her speech, which was posted on Twitter by journalist Omid Scobie, Meghan shared that the couple were “so grateful” to the Netherlands, where the Games are currently being held, for “welcoming us and for hosting the Invictus Games.” 

“For each team, my husband and I both recognize it’s been a lot to get here both physically and emotionally,” she shared. “Not least of which for the Ukraine team, who we are all standing with.”


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