Snoop Dogg isn’t one to blow smoke, kinda.

So when Martha Stewart decided to launch her new iHeartRadio podcast, The Martha Stewart Podcast, the lifestyle expert knew her close friend would make an excellent guest. That is certainly true in E! News’ exclusive sneak peek of the premiere June 22 episode.

“The question they’re going to ask is whether or not Snoop is smoking,” Martha said in the clip. “Can you tell me how many of those special cigarettes you smoke a day do you think?”

Snoop replied, “It depends. When I’m shooting television, maybe about 15 a day. But when I’m making music, probably about 25 and the thing is when I’m with Martha, she’s the secondhand queen. I make sure she gets all the secondhand smoke.”

Yes, we gasped too. While Martha said she isn’t one to participate in Snoop’s habit, her response proved that she’s not one to judge.

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