REXBURG, Idaho (KIFI)- Their sound is instantly recognizable, and it can draw a crowd. The Madison Fire Department Pipe Brigade made stops at cemeteries all over Madison County, to honor the fallen and perform on their bagpipes.

Deputy Fire Chief Troyce Miskin says the goal of the Brigade is all about giving back.

“One of the neatest things that we do on Memorial Day every year is we will, go to each Cemetery in Madison County, whatever bagpipers are available. And, we’ll play a little bit, bagpipes have a strong history and tradition, of helping people remember and stirring some emotions. And, we found it’s just a really neat thing for us to do,” Chief Miskin said.

Miskin says the members of the brigade are firefighters first and bagpipers second, but they like to see people appreciate their performance. Especially since, as he says it’s for them.

“It means something. It’s not just a it’s not just a music. It means something we used to do. And so we are blessed to live for free because of soldiers and because of God,” Rod Nichols said.

Nichols added that one of the performers was also his grandson.

“I love the bagpipes are a very, respectful instrument. Plus, my grandson’s 11. He’s learning the bagpipes. That was him playing there today. And. And I love when the bagpipes play amazing Grace,” Nichols said.

Another Father and Son pair said they too enjoyed the performance from the Pipe Brigade.

“Well, we try to get out and listen to them. I went on an LDS mission to Scotland, so that kind of means more to me because we got to listen to it over there in Scotland,” John Stiener said.

“Made our way up from Utah to to come visit family. So my dad’s been here before and wanted us to come enjoy it. And so we made the trip,” Derek Stiener said.

Alan Beagley says the amazing grace performance was his favorite.

“You hear it played all those kind of things. But the bagpipes just as a just a special touch do it for me. And I think it does for everybody else here. I mean, if you watched everybody, you know was on their separate places, but they just everybody just kind of moved over and just sat and watched in reverence as they played,” Beagley said.

He added it was cool to see a part of his ancestral heritage.

“That’s part of my heritage. I’m quite a bit Scottish, so, I mean, I don’t have bagpipes and a kilt and stuff myself, but I don’t know what it is about the bagpipes. It just gets me emotional, but it just gets me to the core to be able to to hear them and their sacrifice and their humility as they’re playing,” Beagley said.

The pipe brigade was formed in 2015 to give back to the community.

“So we had a thought as a group here. let’s do something, on memorial day. So that’s kind of where the idea started. We’ve been doing this for probably. Oh, I’m guessing I think that’s 2015. So we’re probably going on nine years now,” Deputy Chief Miskin said.

He says they are thankful for the support the community has given them. He says the pipe brigade will continue to look for ways they can continue to give back.

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