In case you were wondering how Madison Cawthorn would take his primary defeat, Cawthorn is throwing a fit and vowing to expose national Republicans.

Here is Cawthorn’s post on Instagram:

Any Republican who didn’t help Cawthorn in his primary is cowardly and weak in the soon-to-be-former congressman’s telling. The real heroes are people like insurrection supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene and alleged child sex trafficker Matt Gaetz who stood by Cawthorn.

MAGA isn’t a light and happy outfit of racists, militia members, and domestic terrorists in training to begin with, so the idea that there is something even darker that is waiting to be tapped into is pretty far-fetched

Madison Cawthorn was wrong. There were no forces aligned against him in a conspiracy to take him down. The congressman would have cruised to a second term if he had shown up for work and done his job as his constituents expected.

Cawthorn was defeated because he was an entitled one-person crime spree and was more interested in being famous than doing his job.

The Republican who bought the nation allegations of House GOP cocaine and orgies is threatening to bitterly burn it all down on his way out of the door.

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