On Wednesday, Madden NFL 23 revealed its ratings for running backs, including Tennessee Titans star rusher Derrick Henry.

The video game, which will be released on August 19, is slowly releasing its player ratings over the course of this week. Here’s a look at the rest of the schedule for ratings releases:

Thursday, July 21: Cornerbacks and D-line

Friday, July 22: Quarterbacks

Friday, July 22: The 99 Club

Friday, July 22: Team ratings

As far as Henry is concerned, he was given a rating of 97, the highest-overall mark among running backs in the game. His 93 rating in speed is tied for fourth at the position.

Our biggest gripe with Henry’s marks comes from his break tackle rating, where he ranks seventh with a 91. We can tell you with 100 percent certainty there aren’t six other backs in the NFL who break tackles better than Henry.

Now, here’s a look at the top-10 rated running backs in Madden NFL 23 based on overall, break tackle and speed ratings, and a look at how Tennessee’s other backs fared.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Other ratings

Speed: 93

Acceleration: 86

Strength: 87

Agility: 85

Carrying: 98

Break tackle: 91

Trucking: 93

Toughness: 97

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Other ratings

Speed: 89

Acceleration: 91

Strength: 78

Agility: 80

Carrying: 91

Break tackle: 79

Trucking: 83

Toughness: 84

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Other ratings

Speed: 92

Acceleration: 91

Strength: 67

Agility: 87

Carrying: 83

Break tackle: 75

Trucking: 71

Toughness: 84

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Other ratings

Speed: 92

Acceleration: 94

Strength: 61

Agility: 87

Carrying: 81

Break tackle: 70

Trucking: 46

Toughness: 70

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

Other ratings

Speed: 87

Acceleration: 91

Strength: 65

Agility: 90

Carrying: 85

Break tackle: 78

Trucking: 79

Toughness: 82

AP Photo/Mark Humphrey

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