You voice Arcee in Transformers: Rise of the Beasts. What excited you most about joining the iconic action franchise for this installment, and what can we expect from your character in this film?

Being approached to be involved in a project that is so globally beloved, such as the Transformers franchise, was so exciting to me, especially after understanding the vision of our genius director, Steven Caple Jr. He is a die-hard fan himself, so he understood what audiences not only wanted but needed in this film at this time by intentionally highlighting a cast inclusive of race, gender, and sexuality. There is something for all fans, both existing and new. I was most excited to hear that the superhero superbabe that is Arcee was featured heavily in this installment. 

Let’s talk about your overall fashion vision for the Transformers: Rise of the Beasts press tour. What did you want to convey with your looks?

My assignment was polished, classic, and in the color scheme of Arcee … and I understood it well.

Tell us about the look you selected for the film’s premiere in NYC.

This look really spoke to me because, first and foremost, the color red mirrored Arcee’s hot cherry finish. Also, this stunning collection by Christopher Kane was inspired by origami—the traditional Japanese art of transforming paper into different shapes and animals. Like the film, it married the idea of both animals and transformers. The look managed to capture the essence of the film and transformed me into the feminine force I was on the more male-dominated carpet.

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