A bit more than a year after private equity firm Marlin Equity Partners acquired a majority stake in Lengow, the company is expanding its product offering with the acquisition of Netrivals. The financial terms of the transaction haven’t been disclosed.

Lengow is a software-as-a-service company focused on e-commerce automation. For instance, the company helps its customers list their products on several e-commerce platforms at once.

First, Lengow customers import their data feed into the platform. The company supports many popular e-commerce back ends, such as Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc. Lengow then helps you cleans up and formats the catalogue.

After that, customers decide where they want to publish their products. In addition to online marketplaces, Lengow can be used to push information to price comparison sites and affiliate platforms. Customers can also use the product for social media and retargeting campaigns.

Once everything is set up, Lengow acts as the backbone for your sales strategy. When you edit you catalogue, changes are reflected across multiple channels. For items that are hard to store, you can reflect when you’re temporarily out of stock across all platforms.

Even when it comes to running your business, Lengow simplifies your workflow as it can centralize all orders. You can accept marketplace orders from a single interface, track packages, cancel orders and issue refunds. You can also use the product to automate some tasks, including adjusting prices according to competition.

Netrivals is a Barcelona-based startup that focuses specifically on price and market intelligence. The product helps you track the prices of your competitors over time across multiple e-commerce marketplaces. It currently tracks 1 billion products across 32,000 stores.

More generally, Netrivals lets you see if you tend to be more expensive or cheaper than competitors. And, you guessed it, you can leverage that data to create rules and dynamically adjust your prices depending on the competitive landscape.

Lengow’s acquisition of Netrivals makes sense as they don’t exactly have the same product positioning, and Lengow doesn’t have a physical presence in Spain. The French startup opened offices in Munich and London — and Netrivals will become Lengow’s office in Barcelona.

“Our customers and marketplace partners have been asking for more capabilities for pricing intelligence alongside the Lengow solution, to activate the product data based on reliable market insights. We’re excited to expand our offerings with this acquisition and continue to innovate to help brands and retailers succeed in their e-commerce strategies,” Lengow CEO Mickael Froger said in a statement.

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